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Customer service

After-sale service

We also supply spare parts for all our pop-up shelters, marquees, party tents and event furniture etc. You can buy any part of the frame, spare canopy, new sidewalls, spare pegs, tie down kits etc. Some of these items can be ordered straight from this website in Spare parts department. For the others (especially frame parts replacements) you just send us an email or call us on +44 (0)1928 727 449 to avoid any confusion re spare parts.

Emailing us a digital photograph of the damaged part is ideal to sort the problem part quickly and effectively. This is due to modifications and improvements that affect the design and measurements of our instant shelters as we constantly try to improve all aspects of our product. Therefore it is much more convenient to get in touch to make sure you get exactly those parts you really need. This applies in particular to our comprehensive range of instant shelters.

Full Flood Digital Printing

Our company offers a colour and image visualisation service. Your brand name and logo can easily be reproduced and our pre-purchase illustrations show you exactly how your marquee or instant shelter will look. Stand out from the crowd with the very latest in Full Flood Technology that results in excellent quality. Printing is available on all of our instant shelters including both canopies and sidewalls, creating a stunning visual impact. Let your imagination guide you and digital printing will provide the results. Use this traditional, but very effective process of branding your marquee for instant recognition at a competitive price.

Over the years we have supplied literally thousands of branded instant shelters and marquees for many of our customers, examples of which can be viewed in our Gallery section.