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On this page we are trying to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding our range of marquees, party tents or pop-up shelters. Should you not find the answer to your question please contact us via email on this address: or call us on +44 (0) 1928 727 449 and we will do our best to help.


1. Are the instant shelters easy to put up?
Absolutely. All our pop-up shelters have been designed to be erected in a few minutes. This is due to fully assembled frames made of concertina sections and telescopic legs. Hence their commonly known name "pop-up shelter" or just "pop-up". Another advantage is that the canopy can remain permanently attached to the frame of your instant shelter thus saving time necessary to put it on every time you use the marquee. For more information and a better demonstration please see our photo instruction manual explaining the process of erecting your marquee in detail.

2. Can the canopy stay attached to the frame of the instant shelter and be stored as such?
Yes it can, however there are pros and cons. Obviously this solution saves time and you don't have to remember how to attach it although it only takes a couple of minutes once you are familiar with the system. On the other hand if you use it professionally for exhibitions, markets etc. and the instant shelter is often being transported you should consider keeping the canopy detached from the frame if not being used. The reason being the vibrations and shaking during transport causing the frame parts and joints rub against the fabric and rubber coating and thus inflicting damage to the canvas. This danger is eliminated if the instant shelter/marquee is transported in a vertical position.

3. What comes with the starter pack?
This depends on each particular product. However, generally the starter pack will include the framework and the cover and in case of party tents the side curtains as well. For all instant shelters you also get a storage bag and a set of pegs and guy ropes. Side curtains in this case are an option as not everybody necessarily needs their instant shelter sheeted off and therefore it is each customer's individual decision whether they want their instant shelter/marquee with or without side curtains .

4. Is it possible to extend our marquee at a later date?
Yes in a specific way. All our instant shelters come in several sizes and the size of each one cannot be altered. But thanks to our unique guttering system you can join more marquees/instant shelters/party tents together. For example should a 3m x 3m prove too small in the future, you can purchase another unit of the same size and join them together to make a 6m x 3m marquee as a result. The legs of the instant shelters are simply joined with special brackets supplied by us. To prevent water pouring down through the gap in between the two canopies you attach a gutter to both of them thus creating an effective drain.

5. Can I get spare parts?
Yes we supply spare parts for all our pop-up shelters, marquees, party tents and event furniture etc. You can buy any part of the frame, spare canopy, new sidewalls, spare pegs, tie down kits etc. Some of these items can be ordered straight from this website in Spare parts department. For the others (especially frame parts replacements) you just send us an email or call us on +44 (0) 1928 727 449 to avoid any confusion re spare parts. Emailing us a digital photograph of the damaged part is ideal to sort the problem part quickly and effectively. This is due to modifications and improvements that affect the design and measurements of our instant shelters as we constantly try to improve all aspects of our product. Therefore it is much more convenient to get in touch to make sure you get exactly those parts you really need. This applies in particular to our comprehensive range of instant shelters.

6. What type of instant shelter/marquee is best for me?
Unfortunately there is not an easy answer to this question as it depends on many different aspects. Is it going to be used for a garden or professionally at exhibitions, motorsport events etc.? If it is the latter, is it going to be outdoors or indoors? Is the head clearance important? Is the weight and size when folded important? Is it going to stay up for a longer period of time? Is it going to be used on a regular basis or only occasionally? How much am I willing to invest? All these questions are necessary to answer to find the best solution. You will find most of the answers in the description of each product and range we sell. Generally one can say that spending more money means getting yourself a better product - stronger frame, better and thicker canopy, better UV protection etc.

7. How long does it take to deliver?
The vast majority of our instant shelters, marquees and party tents are available off the shelf and therefore can usually be delivered next day after an order is placed. Should we receive an order for an item which is currently unavailable we make sure the customer is informed immediately so they can change the order.

8. Are the mini marquees/instant shelters/party tents waterproof?
All our marquees/instant shelters/party tents are manufactured to a very high quality standard and all stitching is seam sealed. It is not unknown though that the canopies may leak on first use, usually manifested through small droplets through or near the seams. This is normally remedied on subsequent use as the cotton will swell therefore sealing any leak. A persistent and repeated leak is unacceptable and in such case the canopy would be exchanged free of charge.

9. Are the mini marquees/instant shelters/party tents fire retardant?
Most of our comprehensive portfolio of marquees/instant shelters/party tents are flame retardant. This applies in particular to the Commercial Instant Shelters, PRO-TEX Industrial Instant Shelter and Commercial Event Tents. This characteristic is specified individually for every marquee/instant shelter/party tent and each product to which this applies is Flame Retardant to BS 7837 : 1996.

10. Can the mini marquees/instant shelters/party tents be printed?
Our company offers a colour and image visualisation service. Your brand name and logo can easily be reproduced and our pre-purchase illustrations show you exactly how your marquee or instant shelter will look. Stand out from the crowd with the very latest in Screen Printing Technology that results in excellent quality. Printing is available on all sections of our instant shelters/marquees including both canopies and sidewalls, creating a stunning visual impact. Let your imagination guide you and screen printing will provide the results. Use this traditional, but very effective process of branding your marquee for instant recognition at a competitive price.

Over the years we have supplied literally thousands of branded instant shelters and marquees for many of our customers, examples of which can be viewed in our Gallery section.

11. Can I get a new copy of the instruction manual?
Set up instructions for our whole range of instant shelters are available from this website. Please click on our photo instruction manual to view or download. For set up instructions for our party tent/event tent range please call our office on +44 (0) 1928 727 449.

12. Are our mini marquees/instant shelters/party tents covered by a warranty?
Our whole range of marquees/instant shelters/party tents and all other products on our website are covered by a 30 day manufacturers warranty against manufacturing defects. However if the goods are damaged in adverse weather or by improper use, we can in most cases find a remedy and supply spare parts. This particularly applies to all our marquees and instant shelters.

13. Is it better to purchase one large mini marquee/instant shelter/party tent or more small ones?
Choosing a solution with several smaller structures joined together with our special gutter kit certainly has several advantages. Most importantly it provides you with the flexibility to alter the size of the covered area. As an example two of our 3mx3m shelters will cover two separate areas of the same size or one 6mx3m area. Also, and this particularly applies to all our instant pop up shelters/marquees, handling and manipulating with two smaller structures is less demanding in terms of physical strength than handling one large one. That is the reason why a lot of our customers prefer this solution.

14. Do your mini marquees/instant shelters/party tents have to be anchored?
Yes, all our marquees/instant shelters/party tents must be properly anchored, this is essential to avoid wind/storm damage. It is absolutely necessary to prevent the marquee/instant shelter/party tent from taking off as this might cause not only irreversible damage to the shelter itself but could also lead to damaging other property. All our shelters and marquees are therefore supplied with a tie-down kit.