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ACCESSORIES As well as designing a comprehensive range of instant shelters of various types we have introduced a great variety of goods to be used as complements for our marquees and shelters like tables, chairs, heavy duty ratchet ties, ground bar kits, guttering systems, hardstanding footplates etc. This way we can offer a complete Instant Shelter/Marquee/Event Tent package without the need to spend hours searching on the internet for various bits you might also need to make sure your presentation is on a professional level. We welcome all new suggestion as it has always been valuable feedback from our customers which stood behind the development and numerous improvements applied to all our ranges of shelters, marquees and various accessories over the years.

£ 60,00PRO-TEX Stackable Double Weights (30kg)

PRO-TEX Stackable Double Weights (30kg)

Weights for extra security and stability where ground anchoring is not possible. Designed for anchoring side-by-side shelters.

£ 12,00H/D Tie Down Kit (2 Stakes & 2 Camlock Straps)

H/D Tie Down Kit (2 Stakes & 2 Camlock Straps)

Two extra strong galvanised stakes and two ratchet straps for best anchoring.


£ 11,50Sand Bags (Set of 2)

Sand Bags (Set of 2)

Sand bags to be filled with sand or gravel for extra stability. One of many ways how to keep our shelters anchored down. These Sandbags are easy to use and when filled with sand, each gives approx. 8kg. Each sand bag consists of 2 individual compartments.

POAXTR7 Rain Extension Canopy

XTR7 Rain Extension Canopy

Rain Extensions extend the area covered by RedX canopies, offering extra protection from rain, while keeping your customers and visitors dry.


POAInstant Shelter Groundbars

Instant Shelter Groundbars

Ground bars for extra stability and rigidity joining two neighbouring legs of our Instant Shelters.

£ 12,00Instant Shelter Gutter (1.5m, 2m, 3m)

Instant Shelter Gutter (1.5m, 2m, 3m)

Simple and effective guttering system for joining two canopies.


£ 17,00Instant Shelter Gutter (4m, 4.5m)

Instant Shelter Gutter (4m, 4.5m)

Simple and effective guttering system for joining two canopies.

£ 27,00Instant Shelter Gutter (5m, 6m, 8m)

Instant Shelter Gutter (5m, 6m, 8m)

Simple and effective guttering system for joining two canopies.


£ 40,00Half Wall Skirt

Half Wall Skirt

Easy to use 3m Half Wall Skirt Kit.

POAJoining Infill Kit

Joining Infill Kit

Joining Infill Kits consist of clamps joining frames and also polyester fabric strips joining sidewalls, turning two side-by-side shelters into a one-piece structure.

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