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LR2 Hobby Instant Shelters


Our very first original range of instant pop up shelters began its life almost 15 years ago and now is probably the most popular domestic instant marquee range in the EU. Having realised how difficult, if not impossible it was to source a decent quality ‘pop up‘ at a reasonable price, we decided to develop our own range. Our main goal was to design an instant shelter which would be extremely easy to use, provide protection from wet and windy weather, which would stand more than just a breeze without collapsing and which would provide all these qualities at less than half the price of similar products. Two years later we achieved this goal and introduced our H/D Instant Shelter range. This has since undergone further development resulting in our LR2 H/D Instant Shelter range.

Due to its 39mm box section powder coated steel frame it provided very good stability, boasted a fully waterproof canopy and was available with side curtains. But that did not stop us in our efforts to make our instant shelters even better. Therefore the frame work was later equipped with storm bars for increased rigidity, all seams on the canopy were sealed and inside the canopy a heat reflective layer was added.


The sidewalls, which used to attach with just a few ties were replaced with fully functional door and window panels, were fitted with zippers in corners and are now attached to the canopy itself with a continuous velcro strip thereby being literally fully waterproof. Our latest improvement was replacing the traditional push button system used for most other instant marquees with a much more user friendly and reliable pull pin system. All of these modifications and improvements have helped make it the no. 1 selling domestic pop up shelter in the EU. At the moment we offer these instant shelters in 3 different sizes and most of these sizes are available in up to 12 different colours. All our instant shelters are assembled using nuts and bolts and therefore are easy to repair in case of accidents. All replacement parts for our LR2 H/D Instant Shelter range are available from us.


£ 259,00LR2 Hobby 2m*2m

LR2 Hobby 2m*2m

This is the smallest and most compact of our Heavy Duty Instant Shelters. Ideal if space is limited.

£ 289,00LR2 Hobby 3m*2m

LR2 Hobby 3m*2m

This is the second smallest of our Heavy Duty Instant Shelter range. Ideal for camping or to use as a market stall.


£ 299,00LR2 Hobby 3m*3m

LR2 Hobby 3m*3m

The most versatile of our H/D Instant Shelters and hence the most popular for garden use.

£ 439,00LR2 Hobby 5m*2.5m

LR2 Hobby 5m*2.5m

With its length of 5m this LR2 Leisure Allround H/D Instant Shelter is ideal for car storage or as a party shelter.


£ 375,00LR2 Hobby 4.5m*3m

LR2 Hobby 4.5m*3m

Our 4.5m x 3m LR2 Leisure H/D Instant Shelter provides the largest span in its class without an interruption of a middle leg.

£ 455,00LR2 Hobby 6m*3m

LR2 Hobby 6m*3m

The largest of our LR2 Leisure H/D Instant Shelters provides 18sqm of space making it very popular for all sorts of social events like weddings, meetings, parties etc.